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Lost Wax Casting Company

Welcome to MIPL Investment Castings (MIPL), your trusted lost wax casting company with over 50 years of unrivalled expertise. Our commitment to excellence is evident in precision castings, crafted with intricate designs and unmatched dimensional accuracy. MIPL's in-house tooling empowers us to customize products to your exact specifications, ensuring top-tier quality and prompt delivery. We pride ourselves on 100% domestic production, integrated mold, casting, and machining processes, fostering collaborative client relationships for successful project outcomes.

As a leading force in metal casting, MIPL produces intricate, high-precision components from various ferrous and nonferrous metals. Choose MIPL for competitive advantages, including swift turnarounds, integrated casting possibilities, machining services, competitive pricing, and unwavering material integrity.

Experience the pinnacle of engineering excellence with MIPL, India's foremost lost wax casting manufacturer, extending our expertise globally. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Rajkot crafts an array of lost wax castings, showcasing our mastery over ferrous metals, including cobalt and nickel super-alloys. Elevate your projects with our unmatched precision, dedication, and collaborative spirit. Contact us today for unparalleled craftsmanship and reliable partnerships.

MIPL’s Distinctive Lost Wax Casting Company

Cutting-Edge Affordability:

Unlock unparalleled cost efficiency with MIPL's lost wax casting. In-house mold manufacturing slashes tooling costs, setting a new standard for affordability and precision. Explore MIPL's lost wax casting, a versatile blend of cost-effectiveness and intricate detailing. Engineers and designers benefit from flexible precision manufacturing.

Exemplary High-Quality Systems

Quality reigns supreme at MIPL. Our ISO9001-accredited management system governs both domestic and overseas factories. Seasoned factory management, bolstered by Japanese personnel-led employee training, ensures impeccable standards in every cast.

Unmatched Delivery Time Correspondence

MIPL respects deadlines. Our 24/7 main production facility guarantees swift delivery. Experience efficiency with a remarkable three-week timeline post-finalized production drawings. Trust MIPL for precision and promptness in every project.

Strategic Resilience

Diversity is MIPL's strength. With base factories strategically positioned globally, from Japan to Colombia, we eliminate reliance on a single facility. This strategic approach ensures an uninterrupted, steady supply even in challenging emergencies.

Versatile Casting Expertise

MIPL boasts a legacy of 50 years of lost wax casting experiences, a pinnacle in the industry. Mastering simple to complex 3D shapes, hollow structures, undercut shapes, and intricate gear profiles, we redefine versatility. Materials like iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and custom blends showcase our distinctive capabilities. Join us in rewriting the narrative of lost wax casting excellence.

Lost Wax Casting

What Is Lost Wax Casting?

Dive into the world of Lost Wax Casting, an innovative manufacturing process synonymous with precision and efficiency. At MIPL Investment Castings (MIPL), we redefine metal transformation, converting molten metal into intricate, engineered components in a single seamless operation, minimizing material and energy wastage.

Lost Wax Casting, or investment casting, stands out as a metallurgical marvel. It involves replicating intricate wax molds to craft diverse components. As the wax mold melts away, precision-engineered shapes emerge, setting the stage for finely detailed cast replicas. While not the most economical, Lost Wax Casting proves its worth in fabricating complex shapes with unparalleled accuracy.

Material We Use For Lost Wax Casting

MIPL excels in lost wax casting, offering a diverse array of materials. From steel to nickel and cobalt, our range suits various industrial and aerospace needs.

  • MIPL crafts precision castings with beryllium copper, known for remarkable ductility and conductivity.
  • Aluminum castings exhibit corrosion resistance and machinability, ideal for intricate and lightweight components.
  • MIPL pioneers in commercial and vacuum castings for Titanium and Super alloys.
  • Leveraging cobalt's wear, corrosion, and heat resistance, MIPL ensures precision in automotive, aerospace, and military applications.
  • Ductile iron offerings showcase exceptional corrosion resistance, surface hardness, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Our steel castings find applications across medical, aerospace, agricultural, and firearm sectors.
  • MIPL's stainless steel castings resist corrosion, ensuring durability in medical devices and beyond.
  • We proficiently work with carbon steel, low alloy steel, aluminum alloy, copper, and stainless steel.

Advantages of Lost Wax Casting Company

Design Freedom, Precision Delivered:

Easily cast intricate and complex shapes with the freedom of design, showcasing the versatility of our lost wax casting process.

Aesthetic Excellence:

Achieve an excellent surface finish and unparalleled dimensional accuracy, preserving the intricate details in the "as Cast" form for superior visual appeal.

Versatility in Weight:

From lightweight components at 250 grams to substantial ones at 70 kgs, our casting process adapts effortlessly to a broad spectrum of component weights.

Near-Net Shape Perfection:

Our process results in near-net-shaped products, minimizing or eliminating the need for extensive machining. Precision is the hallmark of our castings.

Detail Reproduction Mastery:

Accurately reproduce fine details, from slots and holes to intricate case lettering, ensuring precision and fidelity to the original design.

Cost-Effective Tooling:

Experience cost-effectiveness with affordable tooling options, making the lost wax casting process an economically viable choice for your manufacturing needs.

Precision in Tolerances:

Achieve accurate tolerances with our meticulous casting process, ensuring that each component meets the specified requirements with precision and reliability.

Size Range Flexibility:

Benefit from a vast range of sizes, catering to diverse manufacturing needs. Our process accommodates various sizes, providing flexibility for different applications.

Efficiency in Production:

Our lost wax casting offers not just precision but also efficiency, minimizing production costs while delivering high-quality components for a competitive edge in the market.


  • Craft custom belt buckles, brooches, and accent logos.
  • Enhance artistic expression with sculpture reproductions and small decorative items.
  • Achieve precision and quality in dental applications.
  • Revolutionize industries with applications in propellers, engines, pipes, fittings, and medical tools.
  • Transform various industries, including sports, military, plumbing, telecommunication, food processing, and mining, construction, electrical, medical, dental, automotive, and aerospace

Lost Wax Casting In Different Industries

MIPL is a Pioneer lost wax investment casting in process technologies, delivering components for aggressive environments, diverse temperature ranges, and demanding applications.

General Engineering
Automobile Parts
Oil and Gas
Pump Spares
Food Processing
Fire Fighting Equipment
Valves, Fittings & Strainers

MIPL: Lost Wax Casting Company Advantage

  • Our system-driven approach ensures excellence in product development and manufacturing.
  • MIPL offers on-the-ground sales and engineering support, serving as your trusted partner.
  • With integrated product design, engineering, and manufacturing, we streamline processes for precision casting.
  • Our cost-effective supply chain meets diverse casting needs without compromising quality.
  • Backed by a strong capital base, MIPL is ready to invest in the right programs.

Experience precision like never before with MIPL's cutting-edge lost wax casting. Elevate your projects with our innovation and craftsmanship. Embrace excellence – choose MIPL for your casting needs today!